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Вечерние наряды Королевы Елизаветы. Часть 1

Ну вот мы и добрались до БКС.
Поскольку дам в БКС предостаточно, я думаю, будет справедливо если мы поделим их на 2 возрастные категории.
И начнем с возрастной.

London, Princess Elizabeth Greeting Winston Churchill At Guildhall. March 23Rd 1950 : News Photo
2.Flower Ball 1951
Flower Ball Princess : News Photo
3.Festival Ball 1951
Dancing Princess : News Photo
4.Визит на Мальту 1951
Elizabeth In Malta : News Photo
5.Визит в Канаду 1951
Royals In Ottawa : News Photo
Princess Elizabeth : News Photo
6.Royal Variety 1951
Royal Party Arrive At The Palladium : News Photo
7.Economies Conference 1952
Queen And Premiers : News Photo
8.Royal Variety 1952
Queen On The Stairs : News Photo
9.Коронационный бал 1953
Queen At Hurlingham : News Photo
10.Концерт 1953
Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip At Royal Festival Hall : News Photo
11.Премьера фильма Роб Бой 1953
Elisabeth II. von GB/ b.e. Filmpremiere : News Photo
12.Royal Variety 1953
Theatre - Royal Command Variety Performance - Coliseum, London : News Photo
13.Визит в Австралию 1954
Philip And Elizabeth : News Photo
Elizabeth In Australia : News PhotoQueen In Australia : News Photo
1954. Royal Tour of Australia. Queen Elizabeth II is pictured accompanied by Prime Minister Mr Menzies as she passes lines of guests at the State Ball held at Parliament House. : News Photo
14.Бал, 1954
Queen Dances At Ball : News Photo
15.Открытие парламента 1954
State Opening : News Photo
Anthony Eden And The Queen Of England In London 1956 : News Photo
17.Визит в Нигерию 1956
Queen Elizabeth II And Prince Philip In Nigeria : News Photo
18.Визит во Францию 1957
Queen And First Lady : News Photo
19.Визит в США 1957
First Couples : News PhotoQueen And President : News Photo
Royals At New York Ball : News Photo
20.Визит в Голландию 1958
Queen In Holland : News Photo
Queen Elizabeth II And Queen Juliana In Amsterdam : News Photo
21.Визит Президента Германии 1958
Queen At German Embassy : News Photo
Queen Elizabeth II And Theodor Heuss : News Photo
22.Визит в США 1958
Queen Elizabeth II And Richard Nixon At American Embassy : News Photo
23.Визит Шаха Персии 1959
Queen Elizabeth II And The Shah Of Persia : News Photo
24.Премьера фильма, 1960
Queen In Hartnell : News Photo
25.Свадьба Маргарет, 1960
Royal Wedding : News Photo
26.Визит Короля и Королевы Тайланда 1960
Thai Royalty In London : News Photo
27.Визит Короля и Королевы Непала 1960
Nepalese Royal Visit : News Photo
28.Бал 1960,
The Queen At Ball : News Photo
29.Визит в Пакистан 1961
Queen In Karachi : News Photo
Queen at Lahore : News PhotoQueen at Dacca : News Photo
30.Визит в Иран 1961
Tehran, British Embassy. State Dinner. Hm The Queen Elisabeth Ii, Shah Of Persia And Prince Philip In March 1961. : News Photo
Queen Elizabeth II : News Photo
31.Прием Павла и Фредерики Греческих 1961
Queen At Claridges : News PhotoQueen's Jewels : News Photo
32.Визит в Гану 1961
Queen In Ghana : News Photo
33.Визит Кеннеди 1961
Politics, Royalty, Buckingham Palace, London , England, 15th June 1961, Prior to a banquet in honour of the President of the United States, HRH Queen Elizabeth II ( second right) with Prince Philip ( far left) together with American President John F, Kenn : News Photo
34.Royal Variety 1962
Queen Elizabeth II : News Photo
35.Визит Короля и Королевы Бельгии 1963
The King Of Belgium Baudouin And The Queen Fabiola In London During Official Visit : News Photo
36.Визит в Германию 1965
Queen In Germany : News Photo
37.World Wildlife Fund 1965
Royal Gala : News Photo
38.Born Free premier 1966
Meet The Queen : News Photo
Premiere Queen : News Photo
39.Тур по странам Содружества 1966
Royal Visit : News Photo
40.Визит в Гайяну 1966
Queen In Guyana : News Photo
41.Открытие Парламента 1966
Queen at Opening of Parliament : News Photo
42.Визит на Мальту 1967
Royals In Malta : News Photo
Dancing At Malta : News Photo
43.Премьера фильма о Джеймсе Бонде 1967
Royal Handshake : News Photo
44.Royal Variety 1971
Royal Variety Performance : News Photo
45.Визит Императора и Императрицы Японии 1971
Emperor And Empress Visit Europe : News Photo
ответный прием
Emperor And Empress Visit Europe : News Photo
46.Серебряная свадьба 1972
Silver Wedding Celebration : News Photo
47.Fanfare For Europe - gala concert 1973
Fanfare For Europe : News Photo
48.Royal Variety 1975
Queen And Dancers : News Photo
49.Визит в Японию 1975
гос. банкет
Queen Elizabeth II Visits Japan : News Photo
Queen Elizabeth II Visits Japan : News Photo
банкет премьер-министра
Queen Elizabeth II Visits Japan : News Photo
ответный прием
Queen Elizabeth II Visits Japan : News Photo
50.Открытие театрального сезона 1976
Opening of National Theater : News Photo
Opening of National Theater : News Photo
51.Серебряный юбилей правления 1977
Queen At Covent Garden : News Photo
52.Визит Президента ФРГ 1978
Anwar Hussein Collection : News Photo
53.Визит в Замбию 1979
ZMB: Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher visit Zambia : News Photo
54.Визит в Оман 1979
Queen In Oman : News Photo
Queen Elizabeth II : News Photo
Queen Elizabeth II : News Photo
57.Royal Variety 1981
Queen With Cliff Richard : News Photo
58.Визит Рейгана 1982
President & Mrs. Reagan With Queen Elizabeth & Prince Phillip : News Photo
59.Визит в Австралию 1982
British Royalty : News Photo
60.Royal Scottish Piper's Society Ball 1982
Royal Scottish Piper's Society Ball : News Photo
61.Визит в Кению 1983
Queen Elizabeth II prepares to make a speech : News Photo
62.Визит в США 1983
British Royalty : News Photo
63.Визит в Канаду 1984
Queen Elizabeth II meets the Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney : News Photo
64.celebrate the building's 250 years as the Prime Minister's residence 1985
Prime Ministers Line-Up : News Photo
65.Визит Президента Португалии 1985
Queen State Banquet Portugal : News Photo
66.Визит в Китай 1986
Elizabeth In China : News Photo
67.Визит правителя ОАЭ 1987
King Fahd Queen Philip : News Photo
68.Визит в Испанию 1988
On the first night of her official tour of Spain, Queen Eliz : News Photo
69.Визит правителя ОАЭ 1989
Banquet during the Sate visit of The Ruler of the UAE, at Claridge's Hotel : News Photo
70.Визит в Исландию 1990
Queen Icelandic State Banquet : News Photo
71.Визит во Францию 1992
Queen Elizabeth ll in Paris : News Photo
ответный прием
Queen With Mitterand Britannia : News Photo
72.Визит Президента Зимбабве 1994
Politics - State Visit of President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe - Buckingham Palace, London : News Photo
73.Празднование окончания WWII 50 лет назад, 1995
Queen John Major Lord Mayor : News Photo
74.Золотая свадьба 1997
Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Golden Wedding Anniversary : News Photo
75.Визит в Бруней 1998
State visit to Brunei 1998 : News Photo
State visit to Brunei 1998 : News Photo
76.Визит нового Императора и Императрицы Японии 1998
Emperor Akihito And Empress Michiko Visit UK : News Photo
ответный прием
Emperor And Empress Visit Europe - Day 6 : News Photo
Emperor And Empress Visit Europe - Day 6 : News Photo
77.Визит Президента Германии 1998

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