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Герцог и герцогиня Кембриджские поговорили с персоналом больниц.

Кенсингтонский дворец делится фрагментом телефонного звонка. Согласно придворному циркуляру чета Кембриджей вчера поговорила с персоналом двух лондонских больниц и поблагодарила их.

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☎️ “We’d just like to say from the two of us how proud we are of all of you and how amazingly you are all doing under extreme circumstances. • The whole country is proud of you — so thank you for everything you’re doing and all the hours you are putting in.” • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge held telephone conversations with staff at two UK hospitals to thank them for their tireless work responding to the #covid19 outbreak. • During calls to Queen’s Hospital Burton in Staffordshire and the University Hospital Monklands in North Lanarkshire, The Duke and Duchess heard about the impact of the spread of the #coronavirus on the personal and professional lives of staff. • The NHS workers, including doctors and nurses, told The Duke and Duchess about the invaluable support they have received from their local communities as well as how they are supporting each other as they work through this crisis. • For the latest advice and guidance, please visit the NHS website — link in our bio. • #clapforourcarers #thankyounhs #nhsthankyou

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"Мы просто хотели сказать вам от лица нас обоих, как сильно мы гордимся всеми вами, особенно учитывая тяжёлые условия, в которых вам приходится работать.
Вся страна гордится вами - спасибо вам за то, что вы делаете и все ваши часы, что вы проводите на работе."
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