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БКС поздравляет с Днём Святого Патрика.

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☘️Happy St Patrick’s Day! • In the absence of the annual #StPatricksDay Parade with the @IrishGuards (as the majority of the Regiment are on deployment overseas 🌍), of which The Duke of Cambridge has been Colonel since 2011, we’re sharing more on where the Irish Guards will be working this St Patrick’s Day: • The Irish Guards, known affectionately throughout the Army as ‘the Micks’, is an Irish regiment which has proven its loyalty and grit on many tough operations. • Number 1 Company is currently deployed in South Sudan 🇸🇸 for four months on Operation Trenton, providing security to the Royal Engineers undertaking construction projects as part of the @unitednations mission there, including teaching basic skills that empower the locals and will help them continue to improve their lives long after the deployment finishes. • Meanwhile in Iraq 🇮🇶 the remainder (and vast majority of the Battalion) of the Micks are deployed on Operation Shader. They are currently on a six-month tour focused on training security forces across multiple locations in Iraq and further north in the Kurdish Region. • A truly diverse Regiment, the Irish Guards draws from soldiers all over the British Isles, Ireland and across the Commonwealth. As the Regiment’s motto challenges, ‘Quis Separabit’ — ‘Who Shall Separate Us?’ • All photos © Irish Guards

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Так как в этом году парада в честь дня Святого Патрика не будет, Кенсингтонский дворец посвящает свою праздничную публикацию ирландскому полку, который сейчас разбазирован в Южном Судане и Ираке.
В Южном Судане в рамках миссии @unitednations полк защищает инженеров, которые строят объекты коммуникации и обучают местных жителей строительству.
В Ираке идут 6-месячные учения по подготовке сил безопасности, что очень важно для местных властей, особенно с учётом территорий, что подконтрольны курдам.

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